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Ready for a night you’ll never forget? 


At RBHJ  Holdings we have a full array of options for you to relax, enjoy, and have fun. We promise you a great time full of live entertainment.  With over 50 years of combined experience in the hospitality industry, we know what it takes to have fun the right way. Not only we own nightclubs and restaurants: we design them,  we build them.  If you are an entrepreneur wanting to explore the restaurant or night club business, you just got to the right place. 

We are your one pit stop solution in corporate event planning. Our certified event planners will set up a plan that fits your needs.

Want to Party all night? We will drive you to the party or bring it to you!

The possibilities are endless. 


the best of the nightclub scene. 

We own the sexiest clubs in Texas and Florida. Chicas Cabaret Houston (North and  South locations) and Chicas Cabaret in Tampa., The Penthouse Houston and Houston Dolls.  We promise you a great time full of live entertainment, delicious food, and a stocked bar. We also have rooms for private parties. Skip the line and reserve your place in the club now.

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Summer 2022

Medellin, Colombia

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Summer 2022

Houston, Texas

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Fall 2022

Tampa, Florida


April  2022

Houston, Texas

Adult Entertainment
Gold Blush


We find talent and showcase it to the world. We bring in top-notch entertainers, singers, and songwriters.

Founded in 2019, Bayou Music is a full-service Music Production Company. We collaborate with artists and companies throughout the Houston area and beyond, and have developed a strong reputation as a result of our memorable tracks and professional recordings. From custom-made commercial projects to film scores, we write, compose, and remaster original sounds. We also work with 3rd party publishers and labels in order to incorporate licensed material into our work. 

Bayou Music

Bayou Music
Spinning Clock Gears

For a good time, good drinks, and good memories, come on by. Offering American food with a hint of southern hospitality. Open  24 hours.  The best late-night eats in town!!

Steel House BG

A full-service design firm, focused on restaurants, bars, nightclubs, sports bars, storefronts.  Through a wide range of services, we provide strategic guidance by coming up with the right solution for each client we serve: from conceptualization, Interior, graphic and  Architectural design, specialized control software,  operation, and consulting.

Executive events planning and coordination: We’ve built up a team of passionate and thoughtful certified event planners who put immense amounts of effort into producing great corporate events.